Party time, come and join......

Come "wine" Your Bam-Bam !

and have a good good time........


Party every week-end ..... after Sports, Bingo, Domino or ???

or check "After Ours Night Club" in Harvey Vale

BEST Live Club in all Caribbean!


WHAT's ON...
TTSA Carriacou Sailing Series
TTSA .....doh know yet......
Grenada Sailing Festival
26st January - 1st February 2018
Grenada's Independence Day

since 7. February 1974.........

Carriacou Carnival 


 28. Feb. 9PM... Queen Show at Hillsborough Tennis Court

    1. Mar. 9PM ...Soca Monarch Finals at Hillsborough Tennis Court
    2. Mar. 9PM ...Kiddies Carnival at Tennis Court
    3. Mar 9PM... Calypso and Groovy Finals at Hillsborough Tennis Court
    4. Mar. 5AM ...Jouvert Morning with JAB-JAB and FULL SPEED    >>>>>
    4. Mar. 3PM ... Pageant/ King & Queen of the Band & Band march in Hillsborough
    4. Mar. 8PM ... Monday Night Mass... Airport to Hillsborough

     5. Mar. 5AM ... L'esterre Jouvert at Paradise Beach
     5. Mar. 12AM ... Shakespeare Mass

... 10AM in Harvey Vale (Belmont called Banroy) "Shakepeare Mas" with lyrics

... in Brunswick(Six Roads called Freeport) "Shortknee Mas" with mirrows and powder

... Mt. Royal called Hero

... Belvue South called Brighton

... and all meet later in Hillsborough

     5. Mar. 3PM ... Parades of Band and LAST LAP...... in Hillsborough

  • Valentines Day
        14th February every year... Doh forget.....

13th March 1979

Historical day for Grenada and the rest of the World

Petite Martinique Heritage Weekend

18.-19. March

Carriacou Maroon and Stringband Festival


26. April  6am Vilage Maroon in Belair Park.
27. April  10am Strings in Hillsborough
27. April  9pm Cradle of Culure in Belair Park
28. April  4pm Culturama on Paradise Beach

Petite Martinique WHITSUNTIDE Regatta

 10. June 2019 - Whit Monday

Lots of FUN !!!

Fisherman's Birthday in L'esterre

Last week-end in June... every Year!

Carriacou Regatta
first weekend in August

Grenada Carnival

8. - 10. August 2019

Windward Cup mini Regatta   
24. August 2019                                                                                                 

Thanksgiving Day

25. October

Thanksgiving in Grenada is a public holiday commemorating the anniversary of the 1983 Caribbean and American military intervention in Grenada. On October 25th, a joint military force landed in Grenada to restore order to the country following the deaths of then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and a number of his colleagues. Today, more than 25 years after the event, Grenada remains a peaceful society, welcoming visitors from North America and Europe on a daily basis.
Thanksgiving in Grenada is a public holiday. Banks, business places and most shops are closed.

USA... 28. November .. Thanksgiving with "Baby Turkey" (Carriacou Chicken) and trimmings

Corn Fest

29. October 2019

All Saints 

1. November every year

All Souls

2. November every year

Carriacou Parang Festival
21.-23. December 2018

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