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"Island of Reefs"

de last Caribbean paradise.

Carriacou get in your blood...  and U have to come back.


Tropical systems coming to the Lesser Antilles over the Atlantic. 

"See RAIN over Carriacou" RADAR in Martinique,Click here

Ccou is locked down due to VIRUS...


no one is infected on Ccou so far....

keep distance 6 feet...
use face mask...

and pray...




CORALS, EEGS, OYSTERS and MANGROVES will be spoiled...

water is gold...

save water for later...

Hurricane Forecast 2020

By Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray

Climatological probability (expressed in percent) of one or more landfalling tropical storms (TS), category 1-2 hurricanes (HUR), category 3-4-5 hurricanes, total hurricanes and named storms 

Region-TS-     Category-  1-    2 HUR-Category 3-4-5-HUR All  

Caribbean                 82%       57%       42%        75%        96%  


FLOW and DIGICEL saying 4G, 

but thats a big overkill, only H+ and 3G+,
nowhere near speed of 4G LTE...

ZIKA coming again? 

Well, it was not that bad, not much mosquitos and all have had it.
some with strong immune system doh get it att all....

And some get again......?

to avoid Zika, use an insect repellant and sleep under a mosquito net. “This is not a severe disease, in that people don’t die from it, whereas dengue can kill you, but Chikungunya has more long term a significant percent of people will have joint pains one year, two years afterwards,” Hospedales said.


Fresh water for Carriacou
Solar-powered reverse osmosis water systems
coming at old plant in Seaview.

Tanks, pipes and taps too..

Tax going here to see your tax. 

Persons earning between $36,000 and $60,000 per year will pay 15%
Persons earning more than $60,000 will continue to pay 30%.
Land tax to be adjuted too.....

Temporary Drivers license gone up to 100eu and then back to 60ec for 3 months?

The world will run out of cocoa in 2020
experts have warned.....

 Cocoa shortages, within the next seven years, due to pressures of rising global demand and bad weather in major producing countries such as the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia, are squeezing suppliers.

 so plant a cocoa plant, you get cocoa beans in four years time

Climate Change
Seawater to rise 1 meter in year 2100?


Banana Jo Merrit Museum and Bar

Plenty Green Figs, Plantains, Bananas on Ccou

  Proud to present our Bathroom in PARADISE Beach

But why is it always closed, when there is a party?  


Lauriston Stadium need Draining

Nice Beach Bar just North of Hillsborough and de best Burger in Ccou.......

Run by Green Roof Inn

Check out Pattys Deli on Mainstreet, Click here 

Finton DeBourg, CEO, CapBank (Thief de HumBug)

is found guilty
converted $18,227,902.60 of money entrusted to CapBank
to himself between August 2004 and February 2008

BUT there is still NO money.....

Somebody thief all our money (15 million US$!!!),
Where are the rest of our money?

Who is sucking CapBank's Vault now?  


UNESCO delegation has made a tour of the Grand-Bay Archaeological Site,
which government hopes to develop as a tourist attraction.
One of UNESCO’s objectives through its World Heritage Committee
is to encourage the identification, protection and preservation
of cultural and natural heritage sites.

From National Geographic Society:


New DNA studies suggest, that all humans descended from a single African ancestor,
who lived some 60.000 years ago, the paths leads from him to every living human.
One world, One blood, One love?

Oh, What a wonderful WORLD......


2011 UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report



Click here



World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on the 1st of December.


 HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on the 8th of June.







GRENADA, Carriacou & Petit Martinique


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