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Carriacou.eu is a private amateurish homepage.
Non-political, non-religious, non-racial and non-commercial,
and will provide Good, bad and happy information about Carriacou and Kayaks.
We often link to other pages as they are much more Professionals than us!
All my text, my material, my photos from this homepage
can be use by local Kayaks in private & non-commercial matters for free,

but only by mentioning carriacou.eu.
Carriacou.eu is not responsible for links provided and their contents
Listing on carriacou.eu is free for local Kayaks.
Carriacou.eu decide when, how and what to be published on this homepage,
and any fees or payments for commercial advertising
will be used to buy ONLY sheets of galvanize...... ONLY for local Kayaks,
after a Hurricane come, take de Roof and go.......

All fees & donations will be put in "ENELs roof off" account or "changed" for sheets of Galvanize.
Account balance, No. of sheets, Benefactor and Donations will be posted on this page.
All sheet donated to victims of Hurricane will be marked "Spirit of ENEL"

Ballance: 0 EC

Music by Enel & Solar Symphony

My sweet Darling, Massima born 1901...
and still kicking....

20170304_175837jpg 2017 and going on....

This Homepage is made in loving memory of lost friends:

Enel Babblud Allert, 

Nicolas Babblud, 

Uncle Tom,

Israel Romauld SISO Bristol, Morne Jaluox

DJ Prince, L'esterre


Chef Jensen

Natasja Saad, Lucky Dube, Gregory Isaac

Desmond "Corrie" Corion

Sydney Jacobs

Sexy, my best friend from Lauriston

fisherman Ken, L'esterre

Henry Davies(Coolie), Morne Jaluox

Sadiz, Harvey Vale

Cuthbert Caton, L'esterre.

uncle Roley Alexis, L'esterre.

Gofor mr. Sauce, Hillsborough

Josef Tools, Johnson Manicoo, Levi Man Sylvester, L'esterre

Tony Crabman

Bo from Hardwood bar, Paradise Beach.

Tom Tambo. L'esterre.

Mimi, L'esterre.

Michael Caesar, PM.

 Mr. Mott Green, the owner and founder of the Grenada Chocolate Factory.