Carriacou History

Carriacou History

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Carriacou is a small island north of
"Concepción" Spanish Homesick sailors name for Grenada

Carriacou is often called a part of the Grenadines, as "Gun point" should belong
to St. Vincent & the Grenadines, when divided after British dominion.

Carriacou is about 13 km (7 miles) long and 4 km (2½ miles) wide,
Area 37,7 km² (3.2 sq. miles)
with a population of about 6.000.

Inhabited by Ciboneys-Amerindians-Arawaks-Caribs-Kayaks

The earlier settlers called Carriacou "Kayryouacou", meaning " land of reefs."

Grenada was sighted by Christopher Columbus on 15. August 1498,
when he sailed past the island without landing.
Britian invaded 1609 and France took over in 1650 and visa versa now and again.
untill 1763 when Britain took over, you will still see og hear Patois in language and names.

Grenada became a Crown Colony in 1877, and in 1967 it became an associate state within the British Commonwealth,
before gaining independence on 7. February 1974. On 13. March
1979 Maurice Bishop made a socialist state in Grenada.

Check Revolution facts page

Four years later, at the request of the Governor General,
Ronald Reagan, United States, Jamaica, and the Eastern Caribbean States intervened militarily.
Launching their now famous "rescue mission" on 25. October 1983
the US MARINES and 2 brave policemen from Barbados restored order,
and in December of 1984 a general election re-established democratic government.

Carriacou (ka-ri-ja-koo) has it all...
Rainforest, mangroves, mountains, beaches and reefs all around.

Locals are called KAYAKS and very nice and helpfull, with a little twist of posh behaviour,
when they have not yet found out, who you are, and where you are from. (they have to know, to tell!)
Then you get a true feeling of being welcome on the island and they are very proud of their Island and heritage.

When you have been on de Island for a few days, you get local! fully relaxed and no stress, no hurry and completely unwinded.
Grenadians say half day excursion to Carriacou is enough......most of them never been there!!!
Carriacou and Kayaks gets in your blood and when you gone back, you will feel you only left, to come back.....TRY me on this!