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Carriacou Info



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Carriacou & Petite Martinique Tourist info
Last Chance Ministries
Very nice Religious Homepage with lots of Local Information.
Petite Martinique Tourist Information
Scooby Tours, Carriacou
Good Boat and Reliable Service

Government of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique and NEWS

Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs 

Ministry of Health

Grenada Industrial Development Corporation

Royal Grenada Police Force

Grenada Customs & Excise Division

Carriacou GPS Position: 12.29N-61.28W

Carriacou Museum

Banks: Monday to Thursday 8am to 2pm. friday 8am to 4pm

First Caribbean Int. Bank Ltd. (ex Barclays) (Gone Grenada for good....)
Grenada Co-Operative Bank Ltd
Capital Bank International Ltd. gone broke!!!
Republic Bank (ex NCB)

And you may stand in line forever as "Customer Service" is NOT a part of Bankers education here..... 

Behavior: Like a guest with respect for local culture.
Do NOT use obscene tongue, swear and curse........If you do, try "Excuse my French"........
When shopping stand in line and be patient........
Ask, before you touch anything.
Do NOT litter!
Take pictures, but leave only your foot print.
Call out before entering a private gate/house and wait for reply.....

Please note! Kayaks dress up for Town and Church and love their religions.

Animal Hospital 443-7177

Bus fare: 3,50ec, Kids 2,00ec

Cable TV: FLOW  Carriacou get half of channels and pay full price, best chanels are "NO SIGNAL" and "NOT AUTHORISED" , SHAME ON FLOW !!!

Currency: 1 EC dollar (eastcaribbean) = 100cent = 2,71 USD = 3,80EUR = 1 XCD

CreditCard: Visa, Mastercard (ATM by Banks 24/7)(NOW! ATM by Alexis in Harvey Vale)

Dress: Bareback on beaches only, wear casual cotton and hat for sun and heat.
Crocs OK, as they donated shoes to de Islands.... Thanks

NO Topless, NO nudity !!!

Drugs: All prohibited, so doh go there and play the ass, you will loose.....

Driving: Left side, but locals are always in the middle of the road..... and speeding.

Driving licence: Tourist 3 month 60ec, Kayaks 180ec pa.


Electricity: 220V - 50 Hz.. most of the time... provided by GRENLEC

Export Industries: Baron Food  

      Grenada Chocolade
                            West India Spices

Grenada Market
Island Juice Co.
     Summer Juice Ltd


PETROLEUM PRICES and 1 gas station
when there were only 2 cars on Ccou in 1960ties, there were 4 gas stations....
Ccou Gas/Diesel: 
check Government home page...

Computor/Mobile repair and service: "SHA"  443-7647

Hospital Princess Royal (100 year anniversary in Oct.2007)

Hospital Private: Carriacou Health Service Inc.  ...... Please call 443-8247 or 443-6302 to schedule appointment.

InternetCafe: Multipurpose Center in Hillsborough.... and others... just ask......speed various

Internet: FLOW (former LIME, Cable & Useless) and they still are....

Locals: Very Helpfull, Friendly and Nosy, they have to know, to tell.... but in a nice manor, you will love it.

Nightlife: HOT, LOUD, Solid ICY Bar, Tasty BBQ Soulfood.
Exciting, Wining and sweet, doh look like a gold nugget.
Girls in full war-paint, dressed to kill and and boys dressed to impress.....Fit in or Fall out!

 Please, Practice safe sex........more than 30.000 suffering from HIV in the Caribbean.

 Population: over 7.000 souls, some call dem Kayaks.....

 Powered by Grenlec: 220 v (most of the time) 50 Hz (some times)

Rain: Short Showers, longer from May to November

Roaming: FLOW...  no 4G LTE? and 3G+ is slow. now named FLOW...
Digicell   no 4G LTE? and 3G+ is slow.
Good service for BlackBerry and Android....
Very cheap overseas calls, just buy a Pay&GoSIM card.

Sea Water: 28 C....Always fear the sea, an old sailors do.....

School: Preprimary, Primary, Secondary, College and Uniform is mandatory.

Sun: Use Hat, protect your skin with factor 30

Shops: 9am to 4pm Monday to Saturday(some close at 12.00 on Saturday) Few open on Sundays....

Lots of Supermarkets allover ... ALEXES FOOD MALL 

and Pattys Deli in Hillsborough
(if you cant live without Fresh Milk, Cheese, Olives, Sirloin, , Croissants, Yoghurt, Cold cuts and other Delicious stuff!!!)

Stoveman Michael 449-2035 repair of all house applyances

Temparature: 32 degr. C average (nights 25 C)

Tips: maybe some change for a drink, "I fine you take long"!

VAT 15% on on nearly all things, Shops supposed to mark prices incl. VAT... BUT not all do this?

Water: Drink bottled or 2 minutes boiled water (maybe 2 liter a day)