Memory of Enel, The Panman

Enel Stonejpg

7. February 2020 All so peaceful, leaving change, coffee and blessings...

7. February 2019.  Grave painted and stone mounted.... so nice
                                        me alone saying prayers, throwing rum and water, leaving some coffee...
                                         and change for Ferryman....

7. February 2018. all alone throwing rum and water, saying prayers for Enel and Siso
                                         leaving some change for ferryman and coffee...

7. February 2017. Siso left us all in september 2016,
                                         so me alone saying prayers, throwing rum and water, leaving some coffee...
                                         and change for Ferryman....
                                         no plate?

7. Februar 2016: Siso and me throw rum and left coffee beans, tea and matches.
                                 take care of Sexy woman up there.....
                                 plate missing?

7th February 2015:
lit candle, Siso throw rum and water....
                                     still no plate...

1st November 2014: Stick on Steel Pan relief and lit candle, Siso throw rum and water....
                                     still no plate...

7th February 2014: Plate ordered.... left a cigaret and coffee....

7th February 2013: Plate still missing.... Lit a candle and left a cigaret....

15th of November 2012: Plate still missing....

7th of February 2012: Enenels grave is casted, stone plate coming soon from T&T, say Zita....

So Sisu blessed the grave and left some coffee, matches, tobaco, flag and a coin to de Ferryman...

February 2011: Lit a candle at Enel's clay grave

January 2010: Lit a candle at Enel's clay grave

January 2009: Lit a candle at Enel's clay grave, said some magic words and left some stuff for his comfort.....

Enel's stone was not put up on 12th of August 2008 as planned, Son Enel has a son, so later.

January 2008: Made a visit to Enel's Grave, only some clay soil with a few old flowers and burned candles.
The wind blew out my light.......
I planted some Coffee beans, tea leaves, Sugar, Mont d'or, a match, a Bamboo paper
and some "HAVANA" tobacco, He need some relief in Pan Heaven........

He left some markers in the house, his old stick and suddenly 3 pan sticks appeared and he called my cell twice!!!
I think, I saw him one day at L'esterre bay and Ciso talked to him one night and so did Feeler and Massima?
He is still around and it was strange to pass Pan house and all quite......No more Coffeeee....I fine You take Long!

May his soul rest in peace and his music live forever.

Lite a Candle, drink some Rum and water, pour some of it, play some Pan music, have a smoke,
maybe say a prayer, and remember last time you met Enel, or wish you had.
Doh be sad, Enel doh like that.

Thanks for all messages and blessings from all over the world, both private and on message board.
Message board was hit by Hackers, No respect.....

My dear Friend and Brother Enel Babblud
has laid down his sticks.
in General Hospital in Grenada on Thursday morning, 10th of August .

Funeral was Friday 18th of August 2pm local time
from L'esterre Catholic Church.

The church was full and outside too, as his son Enel, Nel, Ann, Zita, Sonel, Family
and rest of L'esterre and Carriacou said Goodbye to Enel and a part of their Culture.
String band and prayers send Enel of to his last Pan Yard.

Enel was laid to rest in Cemetary behind L'esterre School with his favourite Tenor Pan.


Nel and Natalie is making arrangement for Enel to go home to Carriacou and Laqua is in charge of rest,
Zita trying to come back from America. I guess, there is going to some big fete.....

Thursday, 10th of August, Maybe Enel just laid down his sticks and went directly to the everlasting Pan Yard........
(hope for them, they keep that beat and stay tuned!!!)

Wednesday, 9th of August, Called Enel, phone picked by Nel, his Daughter, Enel was tired and just gone to sleep.
She sounded sad, and tired too.....more news tonight.

Monday, 7th of August, Called Enel, very weak and muzzy, but glad for the Pan fete in California, but they must keep that beat!!!
Nel had just left, Natalie coming today. Some nurses giggled in the back, I told him to keep hands away......Babblud

Sunday, 6th of August, Called Enel and read some nice mails for him, a Pan Band in California playing tribute to Enel,
He liked that, (hope they are tuned and keep the beat, or he will get wex!)
He was tired and speaking slow, his daughter Nel was by his side. Rest of us is there in spirit and soul, BABBLUD!!

Friday, 4th of July, Called Enel, he sounded a bit better and I asked why, Enel said, I am on Morphine now......
Doctor came on his round, so we hung up with "hang in there, BABBLUD!!!", more news later.....

Wednesday, 2nd of August 2006, Talked to Enel, he is still in General Hospital in St. Georges. I am afraid, it is going downhill with Enel, he was very weak and could hardly talk, stating he was mentaly OK, but physically very weak. He was very pleased a lot of people has called, Zita, Ann, his wife from Turk & Caicos, his son from Maimi and many more. Nathaly is going down Thursday and his Daughter Nel was with him today. Please call him on +1 473 403 2200, Saturday, 29th of July, Talked to Enel in G'da Hospital, sounded weak, hoping to go up Wednesday, if???
Surgery went ok, they removed some liquid from stomach area. He is very pleased with the doctors and nurses taking care of him.

Thursday, 27th of July, Talked to Alburn Caton, Enel was taken to Grenada Hospital last Thursday
and still there, recovering from stomach pain, should be back up soon, He is feeling better.

Wednesday, 19th of July, Enel was weak in his voice and in pain, suffering from constipation, he had contacted G'da Hospital for medication.
Israel from Massima and Ruthie was there, taken care of him. He tried to sound allright by telling about construction next door,
but gave up and finally admitted was in big pain. Poor Enel......they say, that pain from Cancer is unbearable and unbelievable!

Saturday, 8th of July, Enel sounded in good spirit!!! Sunday they go cast the decking next door, so Enel said it will be a buzi day, but admitted it was only giving good advice, I told him about the nasty tropical system getting closer, and he could feel it too......
He is planing to start Pan Class again, The kids need it, the Culture need it, Carriacou need it!!!....(and Enel need it!!!!)

Sunday, 2nd of July, Enel called to say he got some painkillers from Grenada, but also found some in Ccou, and pain is not so strong at the moment. They got some heavy rain few days ago, but all back to normal. Ann has been sick with cold, but hope to make arrangement for her trip til Ccou soon. He sounded happy and buzy, as they are putting up steel and boxing next door, getting ready to cast the decking.


Tuesday, 27th of June, Enel say, he running out out Painkillers and have contacted Grenada Hospital to have some send up as ordinary painkillers don't work!
Enel was in good spirit, he got emails from all over the world. He told me to thank you all for your greetings and concern, he which it was under other circumstanses. There is a lot of construction in Morne Jaloux, so he is very buzy! giving good advices, how it shall not be done, you know him!!!!

Monday, 19th of June, Enel sounded tired, but relaxed watching til Oysterbeds, (He claim there is a Beast in the mangrove water, Doh go diving there!!!)
Ann have a christening of a granddaughter to attend to, and will arrive i 2 week, Enel jr. will arrive in August as he could not get leave from work.
Ccou had some heavy rain and everything getting green and people planting Corn and stuff.

Saturday, 17th of June, Enel called and said he was in Morne Jaloux. He has problems getting up the hill so friends will do some shopping for him untill his son and Ann arrives later.
He enjoyed the view and could relax, only disturbed by sheeps and goats......

Wednesday, 14th of june, Enel sounded so happy, as his son Enel Jr. will arrive in short time and Ann will join later, Enel and Jr. will go up Morne Jaloux to stay, Enel has got his drivers license renewed, and will rent a car to show his son Carriacou.....

Tuesday, 6th of June, Enel is back in Ccou and staying by Tantie at the Cross. He sounded very happy and seemed to have made new friends
with the whole staff at the Hospital in Grenada, just like we know him....
He was tired and needed some rest and we shall see, which of his many plans is possible.
One love forever Babblud Brothers Int.

Friday 2nd af June, Enel say he coming up on Tuesday and will stay by Tantie,
and when his son come from America and Ann come up from TT, he will move up Morne Jaluox,
to have some peace and enjoy his family and friends.
Enel was very pleased with all the messages, you all have send.
Enel was in a good mood and sounded like he was ready for next cup of Tea.
Enel send his greetings to all! Stay cool and stay in touch.
We measure a good life in how many true friends you have.

Tuesday, 31st of May Talked to Zita, Hopefully Enel will be send up on Monday 6th of June,
to stay by Tantie in Crossroad ,
and Natalie is going down to get details about care and so on and ting.

Sunday, 28th of May 2006 talked to Enel on Phone, He is fully aware, what's going on,
and ain't afraid of his destiny, saying he had a good life.
He hope to come back to Carriacou. Arrangement are being made, so he has a nice place to stay.
Friends and family is going down monday to visit him.

Once you hear Enels version of "Island in the Sun" You know, the tune will always be on your mind, and one fine day, You will find your "Island in the Sun".
And don't forget Enels version of Mighty Sparrows "Congoman" Ej-ja-ja.......

Enel, We are all with you in mind and spirit!

Enel "Babblud" Allert
a worldfamous Panman, from L'esterre was admitted to Grenada General Hospital,
after complaining over pain in stomach.
Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and surgery has made it clear,
that cancer is widely spread and can not be cured!!!

 Enel was born 24th of April


Ann & Enel outside PanYard........

Coffee time!

Sonel, Enel proud father

Solar Symphony 2003 Carnival

Enels grave 2012