The Language on Carriacou is English with a twist of pidgin and patois.
If You have some Rum and ask them: "Not to fast, please"
You will almost understand, what Kayaks say.

Here are some local words, I got from Enel ......


Baccu = Ghost/Spirit

Bam-Bam = Your behind!

Bobol = Contrabande/smuggle

Congosa = Milie = Gossip

Fete = Blocko = Bashment = Party (Plenty food and Ice cold drinks)

Give pressure = Your (wo)man goes "elsewhere" to put pressure on you.

JCB = Backoo/Tractor with showel....

JuJu = Voodoo

Liquid sun = Rain!

Maco = Peeping, Nosy

Randsome = Concrete mixer

Saraca = Party, for some reason,birtday, remembering .(Plenty food and Ice cold drinks)

Tabanca = Adultry or Your (wo)man goes "elsewhere"

Tanga-lang = They dont believe you (to Smart)

Wex = Angry

Wine = Sexy dance with your bam-bam


I find You take long!!!!! (to buy me a drink or ?) Babblud brothers saying......

Old man's sweatheart, Young man's slave. (Guess who said that?)

STOP saying you come....and come. (Mathew)

What sweeten goats mouth , does sour in its backsideā€
(DO NOT SAY ASS, as Beast do!)

No honey, No money (or vise versa) "the Mighty Sparrow"

No pain, No gain

Early Bird catch the worm.

Better old, than Cold

If you snooze, you loose.

Use it or loose it.