February 2009
and nothing happen?

January 2010
still nothing happen?

February 2011.....
still nothing happen?

February 2012
We need a MARINA, Please...

March 2013, maybe something happen now with new Government?

YES, Thank You, NNP ....Tyrell Bay Marina Project

March 2014 and moving Sand..... and move it back

Tyrell Bay Marina includes reclamation of two acres of shallow waters and
part of Oyster beds aka National Marine park
and dredging of three acres to create a yacht basin.
The dredged material will be recycled as landfill for 5 acres of lowlands.
Silt screens will be employed to inhibit drift of sediment to nearby Marine Park area.
Tyrell Bay Marina will provide berthing for 100 boats
Cafe, Workshops, Office space, a Gas Station and Duty Free Shop.

Southern Part of Marina sold to Gorvernment for port facilities.

Marina still moving sand from one pile to next......

Marina still moving sand from one pile to next......



Government started on new Cargo and Passenger Terminal 

next to Marina

going ...  going.  ready for Christmas 2017.

and Marina get pontoons, put in some, but still moving sand.


Cargo and Passenger Terminal is now open......



Port Louis Grenada

includes a marina with 350 slips
and yachting facilities for yachts up to 100 metres,
36 lots for individual houses, 200 residential, 120 room 5-star hotel, a Wellness center.

They move faster than Tyrell Bay Marina, that started 2003.......