Rumshops & Bars


 All over Carriacou on every road and town, there are Rumshops (Bar), where Kayaks drink their rum and ICEcold beers(from a freezer!) and play Domino, just step in and enjoy yourself, You are always welcome. They are nosy and "need" to know, where you come from and who you know.....and so on and ting.... Here a feather soon can be a whole chicken farm! Most Rumshops serves snacks too....mostly Chichen...???? and DOH(dont) miss fresh cut fried Chips and maybe todays catch of fresh fried fish.
There are 100+ Rumshops, later you will have the correct number and names, when we get sober!!!!

Feel free to help with your favorite Rhumshop......

Harvey Vale & Belmont


Crabhole Bar and Snacks
Earley Bird Bar
Becks Lunch Bar

Swampy Jo Snack and Night Club
ex. Joanns Beach Bar
Good Cooking, Domino & Wild music,
and still run by Joann and still Naughty by Nature !!!

Uncle Sonny's Bar, Domino and Snacks
Tantie Lissy's Bar (Live music & BBQ)
Scraper's Lunch and Dinner (Good food)
After Ours Night Club, Excellent Live stage.... 
Twilight, Troy LaQua's Restaurant (Good food)
Gallery Cafe Carriacou

Lambie Queen Restaurant and Bar (Cigaret & Sherwain)
Good BBQ food (try dem LOBSTERs....) and live PAN music on Fridays

Sun-Downer Beach Bar by Pompei....
Turtle Dove Pizza run by French JB
Houl-Out by The Yacht Club
Slipway Restaurant

tantieBBQ smalljpg

Tantie (retired) from the Old Rhumshop, probably the BEST BBQ Chicken legs ever tasted!

Local BarbeQue on all big event... Doh miss it....

Brown Goat
Mama's Shop


Noreen at Nightjpg


Noreen & Clarence's Bar, moved a bit to de left.... (my office with nice fried jacks and hand-cut Chips)

Tantie June Lunch Bar, Paradise Beach
Hard Wood 'nice' Lunch Bar, Paradise Beach
Galaxi Disco and Snack Bar Paradise Beach
Lime light Disco, music & DJs
Cobra's Snake Pit, L'esterre Bay
Banana Jo's Beach Bar, L'esterre Bay
Paradise Inn, L'esterre Bay
Off The Hook, L'esterre Bay

Werna's Lunch Bar (Domino, DVD rental)
Eflyn's Snack Bar, ex L'esterre Post Office
Odds and Ends Rumshop and barbershop
Chinie Snack Bar

Over the Bridge Bar, Welma & Michael, Nice Lunch & BBQ and Loud Reggae Music
Tantie & Uncle Tom's Bar, Crossroad
Gus Place, Crossroad
Brendas eating Delight, CrossRoad
Franklyns Tailor Shop
On the River Mr. Herberts Shop
Dannys Shop


Vena's ICY Bar
Reubens Bar
Fountain Wine Bar & Restaurant on Marshall Hill
Ruby's Rhumshop.... Cosy shop and fantastic view over Atlantic side
Leroy's Rhumshop


Skylark's Shop The Carib Bar
Baptiste Bar


Lorels Bar 600jpg
Lorel's Eatery Snack and Bar
Try lovely fishcakes.....


John's Unique
Silver Beach Hotel ....Closed
La Playa Beach Bar
Laurena Hotel
SnakePit Beach Bar
Harrison Fleary
Laurena II .... Now even bigger...  Very good restaurant with SOUL FOOD
Miss Alva feat. Hardline... SOLD TO KFC?.....HELP!
Seaview Restaurant (Ade's Dream)
M&C bar
Kayak Kafe & Juice Bar
Brendas Shop
Bill Paterson's Bar ("Law office") a kind of City hall.....
Matrix... Lunch and Copies of newest DVD and CD... Doh miss...
Ann's lunchpalace (Good Saraca food)
Steamboat lunch
Regatta Jupa

Golden Eagle (ex Mum & Billy Georges)
Sportsman Bar (my office in Town)

Anchor Bar
Josef's Corner
Miss Anns Snack Bar.....
2 bars missing here.....

Butterfly Lunch, Bar and GOOD Pizza, moved to Beach front, Nice

Calaloo Restaurant (**** stars) CLOSED

CocoNut Bar(Friday live music)
Lewis Bar aka Bull
L and J Bar

McCoys Bar & Tailor
Goodwin Mose

Back Inn Bar aka Tanties Bar
the Cage
Carol's Bar
Lorel's Eatery Snack and Bar

Barbershops sell beers too and are On-Line......


Peter & Patty's Rhumshop & Hairdresser

Cyrill's Shop

Danny's Shop


Reggie's bar & Shop
Posse Shop

Lona Laurances Bar

Madelaine Ray Shop

Anthony Modeste

Mount Pleasant
Crab Island
Kennedy Shop
Ken Plaza
Noels Minimart

Alfred Quashi Shop

Evelyn Laurances Shop


Lesander Braithwaite


Sunrise Disco
The Corner Shop
Marilyn's Eating Delight