Weather & Hurricanes

Weather & Hurricanes

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Maybe showers ...for
Ccou (12.30N 62.30W)

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"See RAIN over Carriacou" RADAR in Martinique, Click here

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Hurricane Forecast 

By Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray

Seawater temperature is going up in Mid Atantic!!!
Seawater surface temp.....over 28°C,
Hurricanes get food to gain strenght!, Click here!

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Hurricane shelters Carriacou
Bogles Community Center – Ground floor
Mt. Pleasant Community Center
Harvey Vale Multi-purpose center
L’ Esterre R.C. School
Hillsborough Community Center
Harvey Vale Government School
Hillsborough Government School
Petit Martinique R.C. School



Clean and repair spouting and pipes

WATCH!!! a tropical wave is very large,
so remember distances are measured from the EYE of the wave,
and first signs should show around 24 hours before.

This is what happen in Guatamala
after their first Tropical Storm AGATHA..... 190 dead





Maximum Sustained Wind Speed mph (m/s)

Minimum Surface Pressure mb

Storm Surge m (ft)


74-96 (33-42) 119-153 km/h

> 980

1.0-1.7 (3-5)


97-111 (43-49) 154-177 km/h


1.8-2.6 (6-8)


112-131 (50-58) 178-208 km/t


2.7-3.8 (9-12)


132-155 (59-69) 209-251 km/h


3.9-5.6 (13-18)


156+ (70+) 252+ km/h

< 920

5.7+ (19+)


Cape Verde system
Cape Verde-type hurricanes are those Atlantic basin tropical cyclones,
that develop into tropical storms fairly close
( less then 1000 kilometres) to the Cape Verde Islands, outside Africa,
and become hurricanes before reaching the Caribbean.
Typically, this happens in August and September.

Windstorms over North Africa can mobilize up to 700 teragrams
(700 trillion grams, or 700 million tons) of mineral dust each year.
That's a substantial share of the world's total.
About 2,150 Tg( tons) of dust takes a ride on the wind each year.

4 Drones stationed in Barbados by NOAA
for investigating possible Tropical Storms..
But where are they?

Some Hurricane came to close
Carriacou's position is about 12.29N 61.28W.
Remember Hurricane Emily 2005 EMILY
Time Date Lat Lon Wind(mph) Pressure Storm type
18 GMT 07/13/05 11.4N 58.9W 65 1003 Tropical Storm
00 GMT 07/14/05 11.6N 60.2W 80 999 Category 1 Hurricane
06 GMT 07/14/05 11.9N 61.5W 85 991 Category 1 Hurricane
12 GMT 07/14/05 12.4N 63.2W 100 980 Category 2 Hurricane
18 GMT 07/14/05 12.9N 64.9W 115 971 Category 3 Hurricane


Remember Hurricane Dennis 2005
Time Date Lat Lon Wind(mph) Pressure Storm type
18 GMT 07/04/05 12.0N 60.8W 30 1010 Tropical Depression
00 GMT 07/05/05 12.2N 62.5W 35 1009 Tropical Depression
06 GMT 07/05/05 12.5N 64.2W 35 1008 Tropical Depression


Remember Hurricane Ivan 2004 IVAN 
Time Date Lat Lon Wind(mph) Pressure Storm type
00 GMT 09/07/04 11.2N 56.1W 105 964 Category 2 Hurricane
06 GMT 09/07/04 11.3N 57.8W 110 965 Category 2 Hurricane
12 GMT 09/07/04 11.6N 59.4W 115 963 Category 3 Hurricane
18 GMT 09/07/04 11.8N 61.1W 120 956 Category 3 Hurricane
00 GMT 09/08/04 12.0N 62.6W 135 950 Category 4 Hurricane
06 GMT 09/08/04 12.3N 64.1W 140 946 Category 4 Hurricane
12 GMT 09/08/04 12.6N 65.5W 140 955 Category 4 Hurricane

Remember Hurricane Janet 1955 122 dead
Time Date Lat Lon Wind(mph) Pressure Storm type
08 GMT 23/09/55 12.3N 64.4W 175 938 Category 3 Hurricane

Cooling the clouds?
Bill Gates from Micosoft want to
slow down hurricanes
by pumping cold, deep-ocean water in their paths from 200 s
ail-maneuvered barges,
pumping warm water down to the depths and bringing cold water up.

Vessels could be designed to be reused or to sink in place and decompose underwater.
The vessels could be moved into place by towing or by dropping from airplanes

Cutting sea surface temperature by 4.5 degrees under the eye of a hurricane
would actually kill a storm?